Ram Dakota 2026: Several sources confirm its comeback


RAM has recently unveiled the Rampage, a compact truck that should allow it to compete with the Ford Maverick. It\’s also known that the 100% electric version of the RAM 1500 is on its way. However, it appears that the American manufacturer\’s lineup is not yet complete, as they are reportedly about to launch another product.

According to rumors, this could be an intermediate-sized truck, and it seems that the name Dakota may resurface.

A Unibody Structure

There is currently very little information circulating on the web about this. However, the media outlets that reported the news agree that it will be a unibody-type truck rather than a cab-on-frame chassis.

Using a unibody structure has many advantages, starting with the fact that this type of vehicle generally offers better fuel economy. Unibody chassis are also more comfortable and agile overall.

Certainly, purists will argue that a classic truck should offer a cab-on-frame like the RAM 1500. Nevertheless, the arrival of an intermediate-sized unibody truck should allow the American manufacturer to reach an even broader clientele.

A Product Exclusive to North America

This is not the first time that the possible return of the Dakota to the RAM lineup has been mentioned. However, it seems that this time it\’s for real. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the intermediate truck segment, and this category has been gaining popularity in recent years. Stellantis already offers the Gladiator in the segment, but it\’s not a direct competitor to the likes of the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier. Additionally, most of these trucks have undergone or will undergo significant updates in the near future.

According to rumors, the RAM Dakota could be a product exclusively for North America. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, as the name holds significance here, which may not be the case elsewhere. Moreover, it is in North America where trucks are most popular. The Dakota could also take the place of the RAM 1500 Classic, which, let\’s be honest, has had its time.

For now, the launch is expected in 2026, but some sources mention that the Dakota could arrive in the market as early as 2025. In any case, we are eagerly awaiting more details on the subject.

Jean-S├ębastien Poudrier