Meet The Staff at Grimsby Chrysler

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Gen Brady

Dealer Principal since 2013, Gen has been in the car business for almost 20 years. When she's not carpooling her boys to hockey- you can find her and her faithful friend Benny here at Grimsby Chrysler! 

Vehicle of Choice: A Ram 2500 Cummins diesel!  



Brennan Giglione
Sales Manager

Lou "Mr.Wonderful" Traianopoulos
Pre-owned Sales Manager

Lou has been in the car business for 14 years- he still hasn't learned anything, but we'll call him 'Mr. Wonderful' anyways. His former career as a Professional Bouncer ensures nobody gets out of line here!  

Vehicle of Choice: Batmobile (the original) 

Warren Rynkun
Digital Marketing Manager

Dave Hanson
(Semi) Retired
(905) 932-2484

After 26 years, Dave has decided to slow down. He will still be available by appointment to take care of previous customers and referrals. Just email or text and Dave will get back to you.



Mike "Fancy Socks" Beaudoin
New/Pre-owned Sales Consultant

Mike's socks aren't the only thing that sets him apart. He started working at a Chrysler dealership back when in 1995, washing brand new Neon's, LHS's, and i? After a few years, he managed to find his way to the sales floor and no management had the heart to kick him out.

Now that Mike has worked in nearly all departments and has reached the top level of FCA Sales Excellence, he is thinking he'll finally ask for a raise from his car washing wages.

Vehicle of Choice: If you can't get him a new AMC Pacer, he'll settle for a Wrangler Unlimited

Dave "The People Person" Foster
New/Pre-owned Sales Consultant

Dave has been part of the Grimsby Chrysler family for 10 years, where he previously worked in the bank for 35 years. He realized his true calling was cars... but let's be real he just got fed up with the bank. He's lived in the area for over 60 years so either he knows everyone or they know him! 

When Dave is not busy working, he's listening to classic rock (Pink Flyod) and mowing his lawn. 

Vehicle of Choice: '72 Plymouth Duster (his first car)

"Lady" Marianne Stevens
New/Pre-owned Sales Consultant

Marianne has been a part of Grimsby's Chrysler team for almost 2 years, where she previously worked at another Chrysler dealership for 5 years. She loves her job out on the sales floor!

Marianne is an avid Blue Jays fan. And a huge fan of The Who; you can see a picture of Roger Daltry, their lead singer, on her desk. When she isn't helping customers, she can be found singing in chorus with Hannah.

Vehicle of Choice: Jeep Wrangler

Mary Lynn McLean
New/Pre-owned Sales Consultant

Mary Lynn is new to our family here at Grimsby Chrysler, but not new to the business! She previously started out at a Chrysler dealership in 2004, then worked for Hyundai for 5 and a half years but realized Chrysler is home. She's glad to be back. 

Vehicle of Choice: '57 Mercedes Gull-Wing

Mike Miller
New/Pre-owned Sales Consultant



Mike Fox
Service Manager

Mike entered into the car world working with parts at an after market store and moved on to Grimsby Chrysler, not long after. He has been a part of Grimsby Chrysler for 14 years, where he was a parts advisor and now is our service manager. Mike Fox strives for the perfect customer experience

Vehicle of Choice: Dodge Charger

Sheri Rodrigue
Service Advisor

Sheri has been a part of Chrysler for 17 years and a part of Grimsby's family for a year and a half of that. In 2001, Sheri applied to be an Appointment Coordinator at a Chrysler dealership and fell in love with the car industry. She made her way up to a Service Advisor, where she loves to make our customers happy. 

Sheri is a busy mom of 3 kids, so when she's not here working, she is running them around to school and practices. When she can, she loves to go camping with her family. 

Vehicle of Choice: Her 2018 Jeep Wrangler

Shane Cooper
Service Advisor

Shane has always been interested in cars and entered into the industry right out of high school. He has recently joined the Grimsby Chrysler family as a Service Advisor, where he makes our customers his number one priority. 

Shane is very active outside of work - in his free time he dirt bikes and goes to the gym frequently, even training some of his family friends. 

Vehicle of Choice: Lamborghini Superleggera

Kelly Ralphs
Service Technician (Apprentice)

Kelly has been a part of our service team for 2 years. He enjoys working on cars, so he's definitely in the right place! 

Vehicle of Choice: '50 Chevrolet 3100

Brian Allen
Service Technician

Brian has worked with cars his whole life. His interest began through his father; whenever his dad was working on something Brian was right there. He then began taking care of his own dirt bikes and motorcycles - as well as drag racing in high school. Brian became a technician right out of high school and has been at it for 25 years. He's been part of our family here at Grimsby Chrysler for 8 of those years. 

Vehicle of Choice: '69 Dodge Charger

Tyler Riel
Service Technician

Tyler joined Grimsby Chrysler 7 years ago, right out of high school and is now one of our lead technicians. Modifying cars is what spiked Tyler's interest in working with cars as a career. Tyler takes pride in his workmanship and customer service.

In his down time, Tyler can be found outside on the race track or working on his race car.

Vehicle of Choice: Trackhawk Grand Cherokee

Luca Santi
Service Technician

Luca got interested in the mechanics of cars through his father. His father was a mechanic back in Switzerland, where Luca was born. Luca has been a part of our service team for 3 years but has been getting paid to pull wrenches for 33 years. 

Vehicle of Choice: Dodge Demon

Troy Fitzgerald
Service Technician (Apprentice)

Troy was always on the race track as a kid, so growing up he knew that working with cars was a dream of his. He's been with us for 1 and a half years and is loving it! 

Vehicle of Choice: Dodge Ram Express

Joe Strong
Service Technician

Joe has been involved in the servicing of cars for 26 years, where he owned his own shop for 20 of those years. He is a hard worker and loves to dive in to his work. Joe is new to our team here at Grimsby Chrysler but already loves it here - he really enjoys working with everyone (and we feel the same about him!).

When Joe is not at work, he can be found spending time with his family, fishing or practicing Japanese martial arts. 

Vehicle of Choice: 2017 Dodge Charger

Jason Fowler

Jason has been a part of the Grimsby Chrysler family for 7 years. He is in charge of all of the little things and takes care of the details no one really thinks about - and without him we would not be running as smoothly as we are! Jason is a hard worker - whether it's coming in at 5 am to plow our lot or staying late at night to finish detailing a car, Jason is always there.

When he's not working hard here at Grimsby Chrysler, Jason is working on his farm.

Vehicle of Choice: Kubota Z100



Dave Richardson
Parts Manager

Dave has been a vital part of our team for 2 and a half years and has been involved in the automotive industry for 35 years. He started out as an apprentice technician and worked his way up to parts manager. 

Dave takes advantage of the warm weather by spending his summers out on the links. 

Vehicle of Choice: 1967 Dodge Charger

Rob Bone
Parts Advisor

Rob has been with Grimsby Chrysler for 3 years but has been in the industry for 20. He began his career as a service technician, but after an injury moved onto being a service writer. He has now found his niche in our parts department. 

Vehicle of Choice: Ariel Atom



Lisa Mallett
Financial Services Manager

Lisa has been with us at Grimsby Chrysler for 2 years, but has been a financial services manager for over 30 years, so she knows what she's doing - or is supposed to anyways.

When Lisa is not at work she is with her 3 grandchildren or is busy at the gym as a spin instructor.  

Vehicle of Choice: Lexus NX

Hannah "The Banana" Peixoto
Financial Services Manager

Hannah started out at Hyundai in the car industry and decided to cross over to the Chrysler brand where she worked at a previous Chrysler dealership on the sales floor. Hannah worked her way up into special finance and recently joined Grimsby Chrysler.   

In her spare time you can find her getting her nails done or practicing yoga! She is also our opera star; if you hear singing in the showroom it's probably her. 

Vehicle of Choice: Jeep Grand Cherokee



Rhonda Csajaghy

Rhonda has been a part of Grimsby Chrysler for 13 years. She works hard alongside Benny and Myles, as her favourite people are dogs. 

Vehicle of Choice: Black Mustang convertible with black on black rims featuring a gold inlay

Donna Russell

Donna has been with the company for 25 years alongside Dave Hanson. She's been loyal to the company as a comptroller the entire time. 

Vehicle of Choice: Chrysler Pacifica 

Carol "Car Girl" Kargol
Warranty and Claims Administrator

Carol has been with Grimsby Chrysler for 6 years and in warranty for over 30 years. Despite her last name, that isn't why she got into the car industry, she just loves the changing atmosphere and fast paced environment. 

Carol is excited to be a new Grandma! 

Vehicle of Choice: Dodge Charger


Furry Friends

Bennett "Benny" Brady

Come say 'hi' to Benny anytime! Trust us - she's not working hard- she's hardly working!

Vehicle of Choice:  2016 Hellcat Challenger

Myles "the Accounting Dog"

Myles is a 5 year old Schnoodle who enjoys making people smile. He works hard by keeping Donna company!

Toy of Choice: Sophie the Giraffe


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